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Home Safety for Seniors | GIO

Learn how to optimise home safety for senior living. Read on to find out about common safety hazards, and how to navigate them.

Tips to reduce your electricity bill in winter

Winter doesn’t have to mean high electricity bills. Learn how to cut down on usage and save on costs.

How to avoid water leaks

It doesn’t take much for a small water leak to cause a lot of damage. Learn about how to handle one and how to lessen the risk of others happening in future.

Top DIY projects for home improvement

Discover exciting DIY projects which not only keep you busy, but can also add value to your home. Explore our guide to get inspiration today.

How to transform your home into a smart home

Ready for the future? Learn about your options to create a wireless, connected, smart home ecosystem.

Smart lock technology: What you need to know

Ready to say goodbye to fiddly keys and getting locked out of home? Find out how smart lock tech can transform your home security.

Work from home setup guide

With home being the place to work for many Aussies, learn how to enhance your home office setup with tips from GIO.

The ultimate guide to cleaning your garage

A step-by-step guide to cleaning your garage. Learn how to efficiently organise, clear out and re-arrange your garage, and list any expensive items on your policy.

What are the most common home safety hazards?

It’s important to be aware of the risks posed by common household items. In this helpful guide, we assess what they are and what you can do to improve your safety.

Pure and simple: why less is good for us

Life in lockdown has taught us that we can live with less. Embracing that kind of simplicity long-term is the logical next step. Here’s how to keep it pure and simple.

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