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GIO's highest level of cover for your car

GIO Platinum Car Insurance is a comprehensive offering that goes above and beyond our standard comprehensive insurance. It's not just car insurance for expensive or luxury cars — it's car insurance for people who expect the best.

You can lodge a car insurance claim at any time, online or over the phone.


Covered for life

Lifetime new car replacement after a total loss

You'll receive a replacement car of the same make and model as your pride and joy, or similar if the same isn't available.

Where that isn't possible, we will instead pay the amount covered or the reasonable cost of replacing your car with a similar make or model, whichever is higher.

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You will be eligible provided you are the first registered owner, and your car has been continuously insured under GIO Platinum cover from within 13 months of your car's purchase until the time of the total loss. Anyone who financed your car must also provide us with written consent.

We've got your back

Hire a car just like yours after any incidents covered by your policy, for as long as you need it.

We’ll pay up to $100 per day.

The benefit stops when:


your car is returned undamaged


we repair and return your car, or


we settle your claim

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You can choose to:

Have us arrange and pay the reasonable hire costs of a car that we think is closest to yours, using our provider.


Arrange a hire car using a provider of your choice

The choice is yours

Choose your repairer

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Trust is important. So if there's a local repairer you know you can count on and we approve their quote, you can stick with them. Of course, if it makes life easier, we can arrange repairs for you — so you have one less thing to worry about.

Any repairs we authorise come with our lifetime guarantee. Drive with confidence.

Helping you save

One excess-free glass claim during the period of insurance

Broken glass shouldn’t break your budget. Platinum customers can claim for broken glass once, during the period of insurance, without paying an excess.

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Window Glass

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Free 12 months GIO Roadside Assist

When you purchase a new GIO Comprehensive or Platinum car insurance policy. Offer ends 30 June 2022. T&C’s apply.

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Need to register your car in NSW?

In NSW, mandatory CTP helps cover injury-related costs for which you might be liable after an accident.

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Need to register your car in ACT?

In ACT, all registered vehicles are required to have Motor Accident Injuries (MAI) Insurance, which covers injury costs after an accident — including for the driver responsible.

Go Platinum today

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Choice of repairer

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Hire car for unlimited days for up to $100 per day

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Lifetime new car replacement after a total loss

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One excess-free glass claim during the period of insurance

** Offer ends 30 June 2022. T&C’s apply.


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Taxi/transport cover

If you arrange your own transport you'll need to pay out of your pocket and make sure you give us the receipts for reimbursement at claim time.