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What is Public Liability Insurance?

GIO Public Liability Insurance, which includes Products Liability cover, insures your business against claims of injury or damage sustained by members of the public – including customers, clients, delivery people or just passers-by – incurred as a result of your business’ activity or products your business provides. That is, if something unexpected happens in the course of your business and someone is hurt – or if their property is destroyed or damaged – Public and Products Liability Insurance could help cover the resulting costs and ensure you stay in business.


Know what's covered

Up to $20 million public liability, including personal injury, damage to property and advertising injury resulting from your business activities

Up to $20 million products liability, including personal injury, damage to property and advertising injury resulting from your products

Expenses incurred when rendering first aid to a third party

Legal costs and expenses

Third party property in your care, custody or control


Know what’s not covered

Completing, correcting or improving any defective work

Asbestos products, or materials containing asbestos

Liability for advertising injury caused by trademark infringement, an incorrect product description, a mistake in advertised price or a failure of performance of contract

Damage caused by flood

Did you know?

GIO Public and Products Liability Insurance is a combined policy as standard. So, when you purchase Public Liability Insurance with GIO you know you have automatic Products Liability cover for personal injury, damage to property and advertising injury caused by products your business provides.

Who is Public and Products Liability Insurance for?

Public and Products Liability Insurance is useful for any business that interacts with the public, either directly or indirectly, including subcontractors and sole traders. If legal action is brought because of damage incurred in relation to a service you’ve performed, a product you’ve sold, or any other aspect of your business, you need insurance that allows you to stay afloat.

Not sure if Public and Products Liability Insurance is right for your business?

GIO offers business insurance cover to over 200 types of businesses, across a range of industries. And with Public and Products Liability Insurance included in each of our Business Insurance packages, know that we have your business covered for liability claims and more. Get a quote now or explore our range of flexible Business Insurance covers to match the needs of your business.


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Reasons to choose GIO

GIO Confidence

Part of the Suncorp network, one of Australia’s biggest and most stable insurers, GIO utilises 90 years’ worth of experience insuring Australian businesses. Throughout GIO’s history, it has maintained a strong commitment to the local community and currently supports organisations such as Fire and Rescue NSW, New South Wales Rugby League, Wheelchair Sports NSW and Youngcare.

GIO Performance

Our knowledgeable, Australian-based Business Insurance Centre is on hand to deal with catastrophic events, with mobile claims and a wide network of repairers ready to assist. Claim at any time over the phone with our 24/7 claims operations. And with prompt hardship payments available, we’ll transfer payments straight to your account. You can also track the progress of your claim online.

GIO Products

Our comprehensive range of cutting edge insurance products have been specifically designed for industry needs. From business, retail, and food services, to motor, trade, mobile businesses, professional services and more, GIO has cover to suite a range of businesses.


Why do I need Public and Products Liability Insurance?

In some instances, Public and Products Liability Insurance is contractually required. If that isn’t the case for your business, Public and Products Liability insurance can still provide an important safety net.

If your business interacts with the public face-to-face, then a claim made against you for personal injury or property damage could be costly. The financial cost, time, stress and administrative effort of a lengthy court process could severely impede your business’ operations. Public and Products Liability Insurance can help ensure that you can keep operating. Get a GIO Public and Products Liability Insurance quote online now and don’t just think your business is covered, know it is.


People also ask

You can conveniently make a claim online here.

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Not automatically. While cover for property damage is available, that doesn’t necessarily extend to damage caused by flood.

That being said, we may be able to add flood cover to your policy. If we do, it’ll be subject to our underwriting guidelines and an additional premium. If you’d like to discuss whether flood coverage is available for your business, please contact us.

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Expected annual turnover

This is the total income derived by your business throughout the year. Turnover is not to be confused with your profit, which is revenue minus expenses.

You can refer to the amount shown at G1 on your Business Activity Statement (BAS) to help calculate turnover. Other business records can also help you, such as cash books, bank statements, invoices, and your business plan.

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