Third Party Car Insurance

With GIO Third Party Property Damage Insurance, you know you’re covered for up to $20 million damage caused by your car to other vehicles and property. That’s 20 million reasons to feel confident and secure on the road.



What is Third Party Property Damage Insurance?

Third Party Property Damage Insurance is a type of car insurance that gives you a basic level of cover for damage caused by your car to another person’s vehicle or property.

Consider Third Party Property Damage Insurance or feel even more assured by upgrading to GIO’s Fire, Theft and Third Party Damage Insurance, which covers fire, theft and additional features, such as emergency repairs.

It’s useful to know that Third Party Property Damage Insurance is non-compulsory and shouldn’t be confused with Compulsory Third Party Insurance, which is a government requirement for all registered vehicles. Compulsory Third Party Insurance is also known as CTP or Green Slip in NSW and Rego in ACT.

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Be rewarded with a 10% multi-policy discount if you hold three or more eligible policies with us. These include Home Building, Contents, Landlord, Car, Motorcycle, Caravan or Boat Insurance. GIO NSW CTP Green Slip and GIO ACT CTP insurance policy, can be included as one of the multiple policies but the discount doesn’t apply to the CTP premium.

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Third Party Property Damage

Our standard third party cover.


With Third Party Property Damage Insurance, you’re insured for up to $20 million for damage caused by your car to another person’s vehicle or property. Feel more confident with the knowledge that this includes emergency services clean-up costs, as well as damage caused by property falling or being loaded or unloaded from your car.

You are also covered for damage caused to your car by an uninsured driver who is at fault (up to $5,000).

Fire, Theft and Third Party Property Damage Insurance

Third Party Property Damage Insurance plus extra cover for fire and theft.


Receive all the essentials and confidence that come with our standard third party insurance, plus cover for fire and theft, which includes emergency repairs if your car’s stolen or damaged by fire. And if the incident was more than 100 km from home we’ll also pay for reasonable emergency accommodation costs if the car’s not roadworthy or safe to drive.

Rest assured, a hire car that meets your needs is available for up to 21 days if your car has been stolen – we’ll also insure the hire car against accidental loss and damage. Towing and storage costs are also covered if your car is damaged in an incident and considered not roadworthy or safe to drive.

What’s the difference between Third Party Property Insurance and CTP?

Third Party Property Damage Insurance is optional and provides assurance and cover if you need to pay for damage your vehicle causes to another person’s vehicle or property. In comparison, Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance – also known as Green Slip Insurance in NSW and Rego in ACT, is mandatory and covers your liability and the liability of anyone else who drives your vehicle, for injuries caused to others in a motor accident.


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Claim at any time online or over the phone. You can also track the progress of your claim online.

Lifetime repair guarantee

We offer a lifetime guarantee on authorised repairs.

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Save 10% on your third party car insurance when you buy a new policy online.


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If you are eligible for more than one discount, we apply any subsequent discount to the already discounted rated premium (usually before adding taxes and charges). Discounts are subject to change without notice. Minimum premiums may apply. Any discount given will be shown on your certificate of insurance. 

*Discount not applicable to Roadside Assist optional cover

^Discount not applicable to Domestic Workers Compensation optional cover

$20 million legal liability

Provides you, or someone you authorise to drive your car, with up to $20 million to pay compensation and the associated legal costs for loss or damage your car causes to another person's vehicle or property.

Third party property damage for caravans and trailers

Covers damage your caravan or trailer causes to another person’s vehicle or property when being towed by your car.

Cover for damage by uninsured drivers

If a vehicle driven by an uninsured driver damages your car and we agree you’re not at fault, you’ll be covered providing you give us the name, address and registration details of the other driver and vehicle.

24/7 Australia wide claims service

Make your claim anytime: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lifetime repair guarantee

If we authorise the repairs, we guarantee the quality of the materials and workmanship for the life of the car. If a defect arises as a result of faulty materials or workmanship, even if you no longer own it, we’ll rectify the problem.