How to reduce your electricity bill in winter

With winter approaching, our energy bills are steadily increasing – especially since many of us are working from home at the moment. But the good news is, higher bills aren’t inevitable. Learn how to save with fast fixes and renovations.

Fast fixes

Reach out to your energy provider

If your income has been affected by COVID-19, your energy provider may be able to provide discounts or financial help. You may qualify for a payment instalment program or other assistance schemes.

Even if you’re not seeking financial help, it’s useful to understand your electricity bill. When you receive your next bill, take a closer look at your usage charges. This way you’ll know what you’re paying for. Don’t hesitate to switch providers if a better offer comes along – if you set and forget, you may be spending more money than you need to.

Improve insulation

Insulate targeted areas of your house. Cover bare floors with rugs or carpets. Drape winter-friendly blankets over furniture and opt for wool or fleece bedding. Pay extra attention to windows – up to 40% of your home’s heat is lost here. Thick curtains and blinds can help with that.

Seal drafts

Search your home for drafts and seal them. The doors and windows are a good place to start. Place rubber seals, which you should be able to find at your local hardware store, on any 3-5mm gaps in the windows. Opt for a storm-proof seal on the front door to keep the elements out, and door snakes on internal doors, especially ones linked to cooler rooms like the bathroom.

Don’t forget to close all your internal doors when the heater is running. You’ll have a smaller area to heat.

Clean dusty AC filters

A dirty filter can lower an appliance’s efficiency, which can contribute to a higher power bill. Be diligent about keeping filters dust-free, especially if you have pets. If a thorough clean doesn’t improve your heater’s effectiveness, consider replacing the filters entirely.

Buy energy-efficient appliances

Energy-efficient appliances may be more expensive to buy, but they can help you save in the long run. They’re better for the environment, too. Many appliances feature energy-efficiency rating stickers, so watch out for these. For added efficiency, run your washing machine on the cool setting.


Solar-powered water systems

Solar energy is an investment you may want to think about. It’ll help you enjoy those hot winter showers, without the excessive money drain.

Insulated ceilings

Getting the ceiling professionally insulated will keep out the cool winter air, and the heat of summer, especially if you own an older home that could use an upgrade.

Spruce up the fireplace

If you have an older home, it probably has a fireplace that’s sitting unused. Calling a professional to clean or maintain it may trim your electric heating bill.

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