Top DIY projects to keep you busy and improve your home

Whether it’s finishing that project you never got around to or starting something new, now’s the perfect time to get those home DIY projects done. Making small improvements and assessments around the home not only helps you stay busy, but can also give you the confidence of knowing your home and contents are better prepared for potential hazards.  

Before you start out, your health and safety is top priority so remember to be mindful of the social distancing practices in place and the visitor and hygiene protocols at your nearest hardware store. But you may not even need to leave the house – with a few simple tools you probably already have in the shed, you should be able to get started on a few of the below DIY projects.

1. Avoid water leaks

Even a small water leak can cause a lot of damage, but there are a few simple things you can do to reduce the risk in your home.

Check the condition of your plumbing

One of the easiest ways to keep your home leak-free is to keep your plumbing in great shape. Check all tap fittings, visible pipes, ceilings, floors and walls for any visible signs of damage. If you spot any, get in touch with a local tradie for advice.

For example, you could inspect your home’s flexi hoses. They connect the plumbing connection to major household items like sinks and toilets. If not correctly installed or maintained, flexi hoses can leak or even burst, leaving your bathroom, laundry and kitchen areas flooded. Check for wear and tear. And if you think the flexi hose needs replacing, consider getting a licenced plumber to install a new one.

Keep your gutters clean

Leaf litter is a common cause of blocked gutters and downpipes, which can damage your roof and put your foundations at risk. Clean your gutters and downpipes by removing any leaf debris, and if you have any chicken wire laying around, you can install a simple DIY gutter guard system.

2. Revitalise wall scuffs and markings

Over time, your house will get its fair share of wear and tear, especially in kids’ playrooms or popular entertaining spaces. You can give your wall a second life by fixing those unsightly wall scuffs and markings.

For less severe scuff marks, there are a range of cleaning pads and products available that’ll tidy them up with ease.

If your room needs a bit more work, it may be the time to lay out the ground sheet, put on the overalls and add a fresh coat of paint to the walls. A fresh paint job can make your room look new and vibrant, and help protect your walls from future damage.

3. Keep your gardens and trees trimmed

If you live in a suburb with dense tree coverage, it’s important to regularly assess your surrounds for potential hazards. Trees and shrubs can do more damage than just dropping leaves into your gutters. Roots can grow around or even inside your pipes. Heavy branches and broken tree limbs could pose a risk in high winds. If you can, try your hand at trimming and pruning the greenery around your house, or consult with an expert or your council if you need anything removed.

4. And just for fun, what about a chicken coop?

If you have a decent sized backyard, now may be a good time to get the household involved in building a chicken coop. Not only do chickens provide tasty and nutritious eggs, but chickens can do wonders for your lawn, without any pesky chemicals. Chickens are natural grazers and can get their beaks on any annoying garden pest, as well as making great natural fertiliser.  

You can find plenty of great tips and inspiration online to begin your first step towards being a part-time chicken farmer.

Once you’ve shifted a few tasks from to-do to done, make sure your newish-and-improved home is properly covered.

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