Top DIY projects to enhance your home

With a bit of creativity and elbow grease, these DIY projects can turn your house into a dream home – while potentially boosting its market appeal and resale value.

DIY projects for inside your home

Freshen up your walls

Over the years, the walls around your home can develop a bit of character. Stray toys and playful pets can scuff and scratch your wall paint, but you can give your wall a second life by correcting those unsightly scuffs and markings.

For less severe scuff marks, a range of cleaning pads and products are readily available from your local grocery or hardware store. These should have your walls looking fresh in no time.

If a bit more attention is needed, it may be worth laying a ground sheet, busting out the brushes and adding a lick of paint. This will help add a bit of vibrancy to your walls and help guard them against future damage. You could even add a mural or feature wall if you’re feeling creative and adventurous.

Give your cabinets some attention

One way to enhance your cabinetry is applying a fresh layer of paint. If you don’t know what colour is most suitable, consider a simple white or light grey. It rarely goes out of style and brightens up the room. Or go for a colour that complements your walls. With a bit more know-how, you could also replace the cabinetry altogether, though this may be better suited for a tradesperson.

Update your door handles and knobs

Replacing your door handles and knobs can make a noticeable improvement to your home. Think about which specific style you’d like and how it complements both the door and overall aesthetic of the room. Replacing your door handles and knobs can require a bit of focus to complete, so always read the instructions before you begin installing.

Outdoor DIY projects

Create a garden oasis

Who doesn’t love a lush, fragrant garden? Turning your backyard in a plant-filled paradise is a lot easier than you think. A visit to your local nursery can help give you ideas about what would work well in your own garden. Try your best to pick and plant native plants and trees.

If you’re not sure what to choose, the nursery’s staff members can be a great source of inspiration and advice. Why not go all out and plant a veggie patch? There’s nothing quite like a fresh summer salad made with your very own produce.

What insurance can cover my DIY projects?

Make sure you check to see what’s covered under your GIO Home Builiding and GIO Home and Contents Insurance policy, as there may be instances where you will not be covered for loss or damage. The relevant Product Disclosure Statement is a great source of info, so consider reading it before you commence your projects. You may also find our 'insurance while renovating' guide helpful. At GIO, we have an array of insurance options which suit a range of needs and budgets. 

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