What does GIO Home and Contents Insurance cover?

From floods and fire to accidental damage and burglary – there’s plenty that can go wrong to your house or property.

It’s important to know what’s covered under your specific insurance policy.

Choosing the right cover for you

With GIO Home and Contents Insurance, you can choose from three levels of cover, each of which, insures your precious home and its contents in the event of damage caused by fire (including bushfire), flood, storms, theft and more.*

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What’s covered by home insurance?

Accidental damage

No one is immune to the occasional act of clumsiness, which is why accidental damage cover can come in handy with your GIO Home and Contents policy.

Accidental damage in the home is an optional extra with Classic Home and Contents Insurance. It’s automatically included in Classic Extras and GIO Platinum cover.


The threat of flood can be at the back of any homeowner’s mind, especially if you live in a flood-prone area.

Fortunately, all levels of GIO Home and Contents Insurance provide cover for loss or damage caused by a range of insured events, including flood.#

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Other common things covered by home insurance

No matter what level of coverage you have with GIO, there are certain events that are always covered, otherwise known as insured events. This includes:

  • Theft
  • Storm or Lightning
  • Fire (including Bushfire)
  • Earthquake or Tsunami
  • Escape of Liquid
  • Impact
  • Damage by an animal that becomes accidentally trapped inside the home
  • Explosion
  • Riot and public disturbance
  • Malicious acts of vandalism

Terms, conditions, exclusions and limits apply. Check out the GIO Home and Contents Insurance Comparison for a rundown of what is and isn’t covered, depending on your level of cover. Read the PDS for the full details.


What are contents?

The ‘Contents’ part of GIO Home and Contents Insurance (or Contents Insurance alone, if that’s the type of policy you have) includes items which are not permanently attached to your home or insured address. That includes unfixed electrical goods and appliances that are not kept in a cabinet, such as your toaster, kettle, microwave, and other kitchen appliances that sit on your kitchen bench (and that must still be able to be used for the purpose they were intended), whitegoods, TV’s, and computers. Even carpet and window coverings are covered in your Contents policy.


Lesser known things covered by home insurance

Damage from space debris and aircraft

With all levels of GIO Home Insurance coverage, you’re covered for loss or damage at your home (which includes your deck or garden shed) caused by a range of events. But did you know this includes impact by space debris and aircraft? A maelstrom of moon rocks may be unlikely, but it’s good to know you’re covered if it does happen!

Costs to re-establish important documents (Contents cover only)

If we cover a claim for loss or damage to your contents, we will pay the costs to replace the following documents if they are also lost or damaged in the same insured event at the insured address:

• jewellery valuations;

• passports, wills;

• the land title to the home;

• driver licences;

• citizenship certificates;

• marriage or birth certificates.

Mortgage discharge costs (Home cover only)

If you have Home cover and we pay a claim to a credit provider that fully repays your home loan, we’ll also pay administrative and legal costs of discharging the loan and removing the mortgage from the land title. The most we will pay is $1,000 with Classic Cover, $1,500 with Classic Extras and $2,000 with GIO Platinum.

Damage to gardens and plants (Home cover only)

Your plants, shrubs and trees are covered under Classic Extras and GIO Platinum. So, we’ll pay to replace them if they’re lost or damaged, as a result of insured events like theft, malicious acts and vandalism.*

Removal of debris

When your home is damaged by an insured event, we’ll pay the reasonable and necessary cost of demolishing and removing the damaged parts of your home, or removing debris when required to repair your home. If your home is damaged by the impact from a falling tree, we’ll cover the cost to remove the parts of the tree which damaged your home and dispose of them.*


Read your PDS for the specifics on your coverage

To get the best idea of what is and isn’t covered by GIO Home and Contents Insurance, compare our three levels of cover, and also read the PDS.


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* Subject to the terms, limits and exclusions of your policy.

# We do not insure for bushfire, storm, storm surge, flood or tsunami in the first 72 hours of your policy. Very limited exceptions apply. Actions or movements of the sea and storm surge are not covered (unless the storm surge damage occurs at the same time as damage caused by storm). Other exclusions apply.

Insurance issued by AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 trading as GIO. Read the Product Disclosure Statement before buying this insurance. Go to for a copy. Target Market Determination also available.

This advice has been prepared without taking into account your particular objectives, financial situation or needs, so you should consider whether it is appropriate for you before acting on it. The information is intended to be of general nature only. Subject to any rights you may have under any law (including the Australian Consumer Law), we do not accept any legal responsibility for any loss incurred as a result of reliance upon it – please make your own enquiries.