Insuring your home

Know more about how GIO can help keep your home and contents covered so you and your family can relax.

How do I compare home and contents insurance?

With so many home insurance options out there today it can be tricky to ensure you’re comparing apples with apples. Ensure you have the appropriate level of cover for your needs with some simple home and contents comparison know-how.

Tips to reduce your home insurance premium

Don’t make buying home insurance a grudge purchase; protecting your home and the things inside it are important to feeling safe and secure. And after all, there are ways to get the best value out of your premium – read more now.

Tips on getting the most from your home and contents insurance

Home and contents insurance isn’t set and forget. Make sure your home and contents insurance is up to date, so that if you need to claim you’re still fully covered.

Are you insured for a bushfire?

As we prepare for another long and hot summer, it pays to know if your home insurance covers the event of a bushfire – read more now.

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