The Fascinating Future of Tech

New forms of technology that help us in our daily lives are being developed at a rapid pace – from smart homes, to artificial intelligence built into our devices.

Our Sustainable Future

How we live, work and thrive in the future depends on structural sustainability practices. Read on for insight into ways different industries are planning ahead.

How to reduce your electricity bill in winter

With winter approaching, our energy bills are steadily increasing. Learn how to save money with these winter-proofing tips for your home.

3 easy ways to optimise your home office

With changing work conditions here are a few things you may want to consider when working from home.

DIY projects to stay busy and improve your home

Bored at home? Here are some great DIY projects you could do around the house.

How to avoid water leaks

It doesn’t take much for a small water leak to cause a lot of damage. Learn about how to handle one and how to lessen the risk of others happening in future.

What is the future of smart homes?

Riding the wave of technological evolution, learn about how smart devices, home automation and AI are changing the way we live at home.

Smart locks for homes: the latest in smart lock technology

Say goodbye to fiddly keys and hello to home automation with a smart lock. Read on to learn how the latest in smart lock tech can transform the way you connect with your home.

Guide to prepare for floods

Many parts of New South Wales are heavily impacted by floods. Check out these tips to help prepare your home for floods.

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