Smart locks for homes: the latest in smart lock technology

Smart door locks are transforming the way we think about security and home automation. They’re a convenient solution to home security, and are also an important link in a chain of smart home devices.

Add this to the potential to minimise your home insurance claims and it’s easy to see why smart home door locks are increasingly popular.

So what are smart locks and how do they work?

Rather than using a traditional key, smart locks are connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to an app on your phone, allowing you to engage and disengage from anywhere. Once you get to the front door, you can usually enter by code on a keypad, fingerprint sensor, fob or even by voice activation.

Many smart locks let you give ‘virtual keys’ to friends and family through the app, as well as temporary access keys that can only be used for a set period of time, say by your gardener or housekeeper.

Smart technologies on the market

Smart hub integration

Smart locks can be part of an integrated smart home set-up, with a range of smart devices, from lights to locks, that ‘talk’ to each other via hubs like Google Home and Apple HomeKit.

As you enter and leave your home, a smart lock can trigger a chain of automated commands. For example, your thermostat could adjust the temperature once your lock is engaged. Or your entry lights could turn on when you unlock the front door. Locks that belong to smart home ‘ecosystems’ can tie your devices together.

Geofencing and auto-locks

Aut-locks add another layer of security to smart locks. Some locks can detect if a key holder’s phone is inside or outside its user-set area, also known as ‘geofencing’, and will use this to automatically engage/disengage. You can also set your smart lock to auto-lock behind you after a set amount of time.

Integration with Airbnb

Smart locks can be particularly useful for people renting out their property for short-term stays through Airbnb. Some products allow you to connect your lock to your Airbnb account, providing an automated system to manage access to your listings. People who book your rental will get an automated email with a temporary access code, only valid for the duration of their stay.

Wireless installation

Many older smart locks require expensive professional installation. Fortunately, as smart locks get smarter, they’re also getting easier to install. Many newer locks are designed to fit standard doors, and can be installed in minutes using just four screws – no drilling or wiring required.

How smart locks can affect your home insurance

It’s simple – the safer your home, the less likely you’ll be to make a claim because of theft.

If you ever do need to lodge a claim, smart lock features like activity feeds, user logs and forced-entry alerts can help you gather evidence you need to support your claim.

The right insurance makes a big difference too. GIO has a flexible range Home and Contents Insurance options to suit your needs, including our Platinum Cover which includes cover for home security call-out fees for up to $2,500.

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