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Why being at work might be good for an employee’s mental health

An employee with poor mental health may be unable to make it to work. But a supportive workplace can offer some surprisingly positive benefits.

Why negative thinking can be bad for business

Negative thoughts can limit your potential, make you anxious and steal focus from more important issues. This makes negative thinking not just bad for you but also bad for business.

‘How can I help you?’ and other tips for managing employees with poor mental health

With almost half of Aussies experiencing mental health issues at some time, it’s important employers help manage their people effectively.

How to tell your mind the workday is over

Switching off at the end of the day is tough, but your mental health is important. Here’s some tips to help you tell your mind the workday is over.

Why asking about a colleague’s mental health is never embarrassing

If you’re concerned about someone's mental health and wellbeing, overcome that initial awkwardness and talk to them. It’s never embarrassing and you might be helping more than you think.

Leading by example: Why better mental health in the workplace starts with you

We all know our mental health is just as important as our physical health, but it’s often overlooked at work. GIO is committed to supporting employers as they manage mental health hazards in the workplace.

The importance of caring for your employees’ mental health

Reducing workers’ exposure to mental health hazards is as important for employers as reducing the risk of physical injury or illness.

Building strong relationships with your employees

Employees who feel valued are more likely to be engaged with their work – and an engaged workforce tend to be happier, more satisfied and more productive.

Gratitude: A manager’s secret weapon

Did you know gratitude is a win/win situation? And when was the last time you felt acknowledged or made your colleagues feel seen and heard?

The benefits of ergonomics in the workplace

The adoption of ergonomics may see a reduction in workplace injuries and save your business from the associated costs.

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