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How to tell your mind the workday is over

Forgetting about work at the end of the day has always been difficult, especially when you run your own business. Things are further complicated by the fact many of us now work from home. The boundaries that used to exist between our working and non-working lives have shifted dramatically – perhaps forever – which can contribute to the development of mental health issues.

So it’s never been more important to learn how to switch off at the day. 

Say goodbye to the 3am wake up

It doesn’t matter where you work – in an office, out in the field or from home – waking at 3am with work on your mind can be a real problem. Broken sleep is exhausting. It can also make you irritable, ruining your concentration levels.

Leave work at the door

Whether that work door is literal or figurative, here’s a few tips to help you leave work worries where they belong – at work.

  • Make a point of finishing your workday in an orderly and positive way. Once you nail this, you’ll find the transition into your personal time will be smooth, as you’re allowing your brain the chance to slow down. You’ll also improve your chances of sleeping well when you finally go to bed.
  • Check what’s left on your day’s to-do list. Are there things you can complete quickly and easily? Do them now rather than leaving them for the next day. It’s one less thing you’ll be thinking about overnight.
  • Consider whether you need to check in with any of your people. A quick update before you leave might help ease the minds of those you work with. Remember, your people worry about work too, so touching base with them can help clear their minds, ensuring you’re all on the same page for the next morning.
  • Review your diary for tomorrow, so there’s no rude surprises the next day. This way, your brain won’t spend precious sleeping hours wondering about things in the middle of the night.
  • Create a new to-do list for tomorrow, highlighting any important issues you haven’t completed today.
  • Clean your desk. You’ll feel so much better starting the next day free from the usual clutter.
  • Leave on a positive note. Send a note of gratitude to one of your people, or a thank you note to a client. Anything that leaves you feeling positive at the end of your day is great.

Oh, and don’t forget to turn off the lights and close the door as you leave. 


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