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Know more about how GIO can help keep your car covered so you can relax and enjoy the road.

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Dirt bike insurance

Protect your dirt bike with the right insurance coverage. Learn about the options available and get a quote from us today.

Buying a car at an online auction: Your handy guide

Auction houses are taking car auctions online — and they’re easier to navigate than you think. Check out this handy guide for tips on how to bid and prepare.

Using GIO Online Services

Save yourself time and effort by using our online services for car insurance customers. Our guide and videos detail the benefits of managing your car insurance policy online.

What to check when renewing your car insurance

Time to renew your car insurance? Make sure to check these things first.

What to do if you have an accident with an uninsured driver

Car accidents are always difficult, but when one of the drivers involved doesn’t have car insurance, it can become even moreso. Learn what you can do in an uninsured car accident.

Car registration costs in Australia

How much can it cost to register your car in Australia? Here’s a breakdown state-by-state. It can get complex so use this as guide as a good primer.

How to choose the right car insurance

It’s easy to go with the cheapest option when choosing car insurance. But there are several other important factors to consider when shopping for a policy that’s right for you.

Car Insurance renewal prices explained

Learning more about what affects your GIO car insurance renewal premiums can provide both clarity and some control over them.

Should I pay for my insurance monthly or annually?

Unsure if you should pay for your insurance monthly or annually? Get to know the benefits of both options with GIO.

Can I renew my expired car insurance?

Missed a payment? There may be some steps you can take to keep your policy active.

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