Insuring your car

Know more about how GIO can help keep your car covered so you can relax and enjoy the road.

Car accident and not at fault? What to do next

Had an accident but not at fault? Here’s what to do next, including what to do if the other driver wasn’t insured, and if you have to pay an excess.

What should I check when renewing my car insurance?

Give your Car Insurance a tune up by reviewing your policy at renewal time. You’re less likely to be underinsured and you might even save a little cash in the process!

Does car insurance cover off-road driving?

Whether you’re off-roading for leisure, or as part of a road trip, you should know the facts on off-road-insurance. Here’s what’s covered.

Does brand matter with CTP and MAI Insurance?

When shopping around for CTP or MAI Insurance, does it matter which brand you choose?

What does CTP cover?

CTP Insurance is a common source of confusion for NSW motorists. We explain what CTP Insurance does cover and what it doesn’t.

Your guide to Compulsory Third Party (CTP) and Motor Accident Injuries (MAI) Insurance

CTP and MAI Insurance are different to other kinds of car insurance. Find out more about each, and why it may be useful to have them in addition to other car insurance cover.

What are the different kinds of excess?

There are a few different types of car insurance excess — know more about which types might apply to you.

What rewards can I get for being a safe driver? | GIO

GIO encourages safe driving with its safe driver rewards program. Find out how you could earn benefits and rewards just by being a safe driver.

What to do if you’ve had a car accident

Having a car accident, regardless of the severity, is an unnerving experience. Therefore, it can be helpful knowing what to do should the worst happen. Find out more now.

CTP and MAI Insurance: what's covered?

Why are CTP and MAI Insurance compulsory, what do they actually cover, and what other forms of insurance might you need? We answer all your questions.

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