Insurance you can rely on is important — but it’s only part of living well. From healthy habits to cutting-edge tech, know more about the things that make life a little richer.

Seven volunteering options for the time poor

Here’s how to make a real difference as a volunteer without scrambling your schedule.

Five spectacular Australian landscapes that fly under the radar

Holidaying at home this year? Here are five underrated Australian locales that should be on your radar.

Five surprising ways to boost your mental health

From a daily dose of green time to mastering a piece of music, here are five science-backed ways to boost your mood.

Five eco-friendly resolutions for 2022

Keen to be a little bit greener in 2022? Here are five options you may not have considered before.

Natural ways to improve your gut health

There are so many reasons why looking after the bacteria that live in your gut will pay off for your health and wellbeing – and it can be easier than you might think.

Five smartphone apps to optimise your life

From budget trackers to creative tools, these apps will leave you wondering how you ever lived without them.

How to simplify your life: 6 important hacks

Invite more simplicity into your life with these 6 life hacks you can inject into your everyday.

5 free virtual book clubs you can join today

Always wanted to join a bookclub? Here are five you don’t need to leave your couch for.

Young Guns | Know the future

Young Gun athletes Taitum Brown and Hayley Slocombe tell us what they know for certain in an uncertain world: their love and dedication for their sport, what they think the future holds, and how they’re preparing for it.

Digital Detox. Create a healthier relationship with your phone.

Is your phone the first thing you grab when you wake up? And the last thing you look at before you sleep? Then you might need to consider a digital detox.

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