Duty of Care to Your Injured Employees

As an employer you have an obligation to ensure that your employees are protected from health and safety risks arising out of their work activities.

In the event that one of your employees sustains a workplace injury or illness it is your business's responsibility to assist the injured worker with seeking first aid or medical treatment.

An injured worker is entitled to nominate their own treating doctor or medical practitioner who will be responsible for a medical assessment of their injury, providing them with a medical certificate and medical treatment if required.

An employer must notify WorkSafe Tasmania if any of the following incidents have occurred in the workplace:

  • a death, or
  • someone suffers a serious injury or illness, or
  • a dangerous incident.

If the incident is notifiable, contact WorkSafe Tasmania on:

  • 1300 366 322 (inside Tasmania) or
  • 03 6166 4600 (outside Tasmania)

Electric shocks must also be reported to TasNetworks on 132004.

Early Claims Notification Requirements

If your business receives notice of an injury you must provide your worker with a written notice informing them of their right to make a claim under the Act (The form of this notice is set by WorkCover Tasmania) within 14 days.

You can notify us by either:

If the injury results in (or is likely to result in) total or partial incapacity you must also notify GIO within 3 business days.

Once you receive a claim for compensation, you must notify GIO within 3 business days. You are also legally required to complete the employer section of the claim form and forward it to GIO within 5 business days. 

How to Lodge an Insurance Claim

To lodge a workers compensation claim you need to:

  • Provide your injured worker with a Worker's Claim for Compensation form
  • Obtain a completed 'Injured Worker's Details' section of the Claim form from your injured worker
  • Obtain an 'Initial Workers Compensation Medical Certificate' from your injured worker
  • Complete the 'Employer's Details' section of a Claim form, available from GIO or WorkCover Tasmania
  • Forward the completed Claim form and Worker's Compensation Medical Certificate, and any other relevant information, to GIO within 5 days from when your injured worker submitted the claim form to you.
  • GIO will tell you and your worker that the claim has been received and advise you and your worker information about your rights, roles and responsibilities during the workers compensation process.

Please provide all forms and documentation either by:

  • Email: wcclaimstas@gio.com.au
  • Fax:  1300 725 847
  • Mail: GIO Workers Compensation, GPO Box 1136, Hobart, TAS 7001

If you require additional assistance or support, please visit our help and support page.

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