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We offer a suite of information and training courses for our policy holders, usually at our state-based offices, or onsite if required at your workplace. For further enquires about other dates, locations and services, please email

Risk Management Services

GIO has a Risk Management Team to assist our customers better manage their OHS and Injury Management systems and obligations.

If you have an OHS or risk management question, access our Safety Guru.

Safety Guru

If you have an OHS or risk management question, access our Safety Guru and our Risk Management team will be in touch.

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Return to Work and Suitable Duties

If your injured worker is incapacitated for more than 5 days, and incapacity is ongoing, a Return to Work Plan and Injury Management Plan must be completed. These plans should be tailored to suit the particular needs of the injured worker.

You must send GIO and the injured worker a copy of the Return to Work Plan containing details of suitable duties in line with medical restrictions.  A new Return to Work Plan must be completed in line with each medical certificate and provided to GIO and the injured worker within 10 business days of the consultation with the Primary Treating Medical Practitioner.

Suitable duties are developed in consultation with the injured worker's Primary Treating Medical Practitioner and must consider the worker's current work capacity and medical advice. Please refer to the WorkCover Tasmania Register of Alternate Duties.

Claims Reporting

We provide a range of monthly and online reporting tools designed to help you track your claims performance and assist you in identifying risk management strategies, including:

  • Claims Financial Total (CFT) - Summarises basic claims and financial data by policy period.
  • Customer Experience Report (CER) - Provides a national, high-level executive review and operational snapshot of performance to assist you in managing claims and trends.

To obtain access to these reporting tools, please contact your GIO Relationship Manager.

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