If you receive a notice of injury, you have 14 days to provide your worker with a written notice informing them of their right to make a claim under the Act.

This Notice of Right to Make Workers Compensation Claim form can be found here WorkSafe Tasmania Forms and Guides or by searching for GF172.

You must also notify GIO within 3 business days:

  • if the injury results in, or is likely to result in, total or partial incapacity
  • once you receive a claim for compensation

The employer is also legally required to complete the employer section of the claim form and forward it to GIO within 5 business days.

If an employee suffers a serious injury, death or electric shock you must notify WorkSafe Tasmania immediately on (03) 6166 4600 (outside Tasmania) or 1300 366 322 (within Tasmania). Electric shocks must also be reported to TasNetworks on 13 20 04

The online Incident Notification Form for serious injuries must also be lodged by employers within 48 hours and can be found here Online Incident Notification Form

To report an injury to GIO, please call us on 13 10 10 or email giowctas@gio.com.au.

To notify GIO of a new claim, you simply need to provide your contact details, your workers compensation policy number, the worker's name, address and date of birth, and details of the incident.

GIO is committed to early intervention and recovery of injured workers and is dedicated to working with employers and workers to support early return to work activities. GIO has long identified that the long-term absence from work is harmful to physical and mental wellbeing however, returning safely and quickly to work has strong benefits for the individual, their family, their employer and the sustainability of an Injury Management Scheme.