Before making a NSW CTP claim you should:

  1. Report the accident to the police
  2. Identify the vehicle at fault
  3. Find out the Green Slip insurer of the vehicle at fault
  4. Determine which forms you need to submit by selecting the date options below
  5. Lodge the claim (please see below forms)

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When did your accident happen?

How will customers be supported under the new scheme?

We’re still putting injured people first.

The NSW Government has introduced a new CTP Green Slip scheme to better support people injured on NSW roads. Shifting from a focus on lump-sum payouts to one that directs its energy towards rehabilitation of injured people means we can offer a more affordable and efficient CTP scheme to customers.

The new scheme is focused on early support and recovery. For the first time, injured people can receive weekly income payments if they need time off work.

For more information about the NSW CTP reform and how to make a claim, please visit the State Insurance Regulatory Authority website.

Frequently asked questions

For making a NSW CTP claim

Before 1 December 2017

1 December 2017 & after

Once completed, send forms to:

CTP Claims
GPO Box 4091
Sydney NSW 2001

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