How much should you be paying on your home insurance?

Keeping your home and belongings safe is important. Here’s what you can do when calculating your home and contents so you’re paying what you need to while staying covered.

COVID-19: Ways to save on home insurance

In times of uncertainty, we’re all looking for ways to save. Know more about ways you may be able to save on your home insurance.

What ‘extras’ does home insurance cover?

Did you know your deck or shed is covered by home insurance? Find out what else you might be covered for and not realise.

How changes to the NSW Emergency Services Levy could impact you

In recent years there’s been a few changes to how the NSW ESL is charged. We explain what’s happened, and how the most recent changes could affect you.

Home insurance tips for the new year

The new year is the perfect time to get your life admin sorted, including your home insurance. Learn how to get your insurance up to scratch for the new year.

Are water leaks covered by home and contents insurance?

Water flows through your home in many ways. Learn more about what should you do if a leak happens and if it’ll be covered by your home and contents insurance.

How to insure valuable items you find in the attic

If you find a something valuable amongst the items gathering dust in your attic, don’t forget to cover it by adding it to your GIO Home and Contents Insurance policy. Find out more.

Home security tips for the Christmas season

The festive season can be a gift for burglars. Make sure your silly season doesn’t turn sour with these 7 home security tips for Christmas.

Reducing your risk this bushfire season

Bushfire season can be dangerous, to both people and property. Know more about what to do before, during, and after a fire.

Reducing your risk this storm season

Storm season can be unpredictable, but by being prepared, you can ride it out while keeping damage to a minimum.

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