Tips to save on car insurance

Take some time to understand your Car Insurance policy, and what you’re covered for, to potentially save money and ensure you have the level of coverage that’s right for you.

COVID 19: Should I cancel my car insurance?

As a result of self-isolation, you may find that you're not using your car as much and be tempted to cancel your cover. Here are some things to consider first.

Choosing insurance for your high performance car

Your car is your pride and joy, and choosing an insurer isn’t a decision to take lightly. We’ve put together some tips for finding the right car insurance for your pride and joy.

Managing your car insurance policy online

Here are some tips and tricks to help you simplify your policy admin by managing your car insurance online.

Car insurance for married (or unmarried) couples

Here are a few things to consider about your car insurance and your partner’s policy.

What’s the future of transportation?

From smart roads to super trains and driverless vehicles, the future of transportation could take us to somewhere exciting.

A guide to reading your car insurance PDS

Understanding the bones of an insurance policy can help take the stress out of claiming or finding a new policy. Here’s how you can boost your cover confidence by reading your PDS.

How you can prevent your car from being stolen

In Australia, a car is stolen approximately every 12 minutes. Explore these useful tips to help prevent auto theft from occurring.

Lifetime new car replacement insurance explained

Are you a car lover and want to hold onto your baby forever, even after a write-off? Learn how our lifetime new car replacement insurance can help.

Choosing third party property damage vs. comprehensive car insurance

Whether it’s a small bingle or major accident, car insurance can help to make sure you’re covered on the road. But what’s the difference between comprehensive and third party car insurance, and which option is best for you?

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