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Working from home safety tips

If you're an employer, you may have responsibilities relating to your employees' working from home environment. Here are some tips for working from home safely.

Why taking 5 and doing some relaxation exercises might be the most productive thing you do today.

Being busy is great but if you’re not careful, you might burn out. That’s why taking five and doing some relaxation exercises might be the most productive thing you do today.

Building strong relationships with your employees

Employees who feel valued are more likely to be engaged with their work – and an engaged workforce tend to be happier, more satisfied and more productive.

Gratitude: A manager’s secret weapon

Did you know gratitude is a win/win situation? And when was the last time you felt acknowledged or made your colleagues feel seen and heard?

Be heat vigilant this summer

Extreme heat can be harmful to workers’ health and wellbeing, so employers and their employees should be be extra vigilant in the summer months.

Workplace risks during the festive season

For many workplaces, the end-of-year season brings increased occupational risks. Understand why, and how you can keep your employees safe.

Noise in the workplace

Employers have a responsibility to manage the risk of exposure to noise. Know more about what that involves.

Working at heights

If your workplace involves working at heights, you should be able to identify and manage the risks.

First aid in the workplace

First aid is important for every Aussie workplace. In addition to helping keep employees safe, it can help save a business money by reducing lost time.

Traffic management plan

If moving vehicles are a feature of your workplace, learn how to make it safe for employees and visitors.

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