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Workers Compensation Insurance for employers in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Workers Compensation is compulsory for most employers in Australia.

In ACT, employers must have insurance for anyone defined as a worker.

If an employee suffers a work-related injury or illness, this insurance may cover their related medical bills, as well as wages, if they’re unable to return to work.

What's covered

  • Your worker’s wages if they suffer a work-related injury or illness and are unable to work.
  • Medical expenses, treatment and rehabilitation costs.

Who's covered

All your workers. Generally includes anyone receiving a wage or commission payment, including casuals and temporary employees, apprentices, trainees and some contractors.

What is Workers Compensation insurance?

Workers Compensation Insurance covers most medical bills of your workers if they suffer a work-related injury and wages, if they are unable to work following the injury. It’s compulsory for most employers in Australia. From slips, trip and falls to muscle strains and injuries, Workers Compensation provides support for workers with a work-related injury.

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As an employer, it’s your responsibility to help an injured worker seek first aid or medical treatment immediately for any work-related injury or illness. You’ll then need to fill out some forms to lodge a claim.

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Looking for another state

In Victoria, South Australia and Queensland, the state regulator provides Workers Compensation Insurance to em­ployers via WorkSafe Victoria, ReturnToWork SA and WorkCover Queensland.