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Prepare For Bushfire Season with GIO

In Australia, weather is hard to predict, so keeping your home in good condition can help to prevent damage in the event of a bushfire. GIO knows what you need to look out for around your house through years of experience helping to protect people's homes. Here are a few tips to help you know how, and more importantly 'why' it’s essential to keep your house in good condition.  

Clearing Your Gutters and Downpipes

It's important to clear your gutters and drainpipes regularly. Leaf build-up can be flammable and could ignite your roof if bushfire embers fall into your gutter. So, especially during bushfire season, regularly check on the state of your gutters and drainpipes which could help keep your home protected.

Screening Vents on Roof Voids

Help prevent embers entering your home by screening the vents of your roof voids with a fine metal wire mesh.  

Trimming Branches and Your Lawn

Embers can travel up to 40km, making your trees hazardous. It's important to trim any branches that are too close to home or consider chopping the tree completely (if permitted by your local council), as this may help prevent the fire from spreading. Also, give your lawn a trim too, as long grass can provide more fuel for a fire to burn stronger.

Backup Water Supply

In the case of an emergency for helping to put out a fire, you could also purchase a portable pump to transform your water tank into another resource or use your swimming pool if you have one. 

Staying Alert

It's essential to have working smoke alarms. Leave nothing to chance and perform regular checks on your smoke alarms. Also, in the event of a fire, there’s a chance there could be a power outage so you can also purchase a battery-operated radio to keep up to date on developments in and around your area.

For more detail, watch the Maintenance Know How: Bushfire Season video below and download the Bushfire Checklist today.

GIO Presents: Maintenance Know How - Bushfire Season

What should I check to help prepare my home?

When extreme weather strikes, you want to do everything you can to help protect your family and home.

GIO is here to help with our downloadable checklists. Each checklist provides you with actionable tips that, if done regularly, will significantly help you prepare the inside and outside of your home.

Storm Checklist

Cyclone Checklist

Bushfire Checklist

Flood Checklist

Maintenance Checklist

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