Insuring your car

Should I pay for my insurance monthly or annually?

It depends on your budget and financial goals. As people have different personal circumstances, GIO lets you opt for monthly or annual insurance premium payments.

Paying your insurance monthly vs annually

Benefits of paying your insurance monthly

Breaking your premium down into smaller, manageable chunks can improve your cashflow. Sometimes you might need more cash on hand for other essentials, as well as investments.

It costs more to pay your car and home insurance by monthly instalments with GIO. However, this may be worth it if you struggle to afford the annual lump sum.

With GIO, you can easily set up a monthly direct debit, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your bills.

Benefits of paying your insurance annually

You can save money on GIO insurance by paying your premium annually instead of monthly. So if you can afford the lump sum, consider taking advantage of the savings by paying annually.

Some people also find it easier to budget when they can get their bills out of the way for the entire year. If you like to do this, just make sure to review your policy before accepting your renewal each year. Checking things like your amount covered and optional covers can help you ensure that your premium is right for your circumstances.

Can I change my payment frequency?

Yes – when you renew your car or home insurance policy, you can choose to change your payment frequency online.* You can switch from monthly to annually, or vice versa.

Simply log in to your GIO account and follow the prompts at renewal.

Update your policy

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