Car insurance for couples: What you should know 

If you share a car with your partner, whether you’re married or not, it’s important to list both drivers on your policy. This can help avoid paying extra excess out of your own pocket if you ever need to make a claim. However, if – like many Australians – you and your partner drive separate cars, you'll need two separate policies. 

Why do I need to list my partner as a driver? 

If your partner isn’t a listed driver, but you make a claim for something that happened while they were driving, using or in charge of your vehicle (and at-fault), you may have to pay one or more additional excesses. Your claim may even be refused or reduced. 

The applicable excesses are shown in your certificate of insurance, and you can check them via GIO's online services. For example, if the driver was over 25 but had their licence for less than two years at the time of the incident, the inexperienced driver excess of $400 applies if they are listed on your policy. However, this excess is $1,400 instead if they aren't listed on your policy. 

To learn more about how additional excess works, check out our policy documents. The “GIO Car Insurance Additional Information Guide” will spell it all out. 

Can listing additional drivers impact your premium? 

Yes, it can affect the price you pay for your premium, but it also lowers your risk of facing extra payments should you ever make a claim. It gives you the confidence of knowing that, if the unexpected happens while you or your partner are behind the wheel, you’ll only pay as much as you need to and not a dollar more. 

How to add your partner as a driver on your policy 

GIO customers can add listed drivers at any time by logging into GIO’s online services. Learner drivers are automatically covered, so you don’t need to add them. Just ensure that the person who’ll be supervising them is listed on the policy. 

Simply log in and select your policy under the ‘My policy list’. Next, select the ‘Update my policy’ tab and click on ‘Add new driver’. Watch a video explanation of how to update your policy details

If you’re not a GIO customer, you can compare our car insurance options online. 

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