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Can I renew my expired car insurance?

We all get busy, so it can be easy to forget things. At GIO, we’ll let you know when an important date is coming up so that you have plenty of time to get organised. If you’re not receiving email updates, you should check that you’ve opted in for electronic notices by logging into your My Account.

Even then, due dates can still be missed, leading to unpaid insurance policies — which puts you at risk of not having insurance coverage. Depending on your circumstances and how long the policy has been expired, you may still be able to renew it online by conveniently using Quick Pay.

How to check your policy renewal date

If you’re a GIO customer, you can find your policy details online or through the GIO App.

You can find your renewal due date by checking your certificate of insurance, which you will have received when you started your policy. It will show the Period of Insurance that your policy covers you for, including the policy expiry date. If you can’t find your certificate of insurance, you can also download it online.

GIO will also send you renewal documents that will have the renewal due date.

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When should I review and renew my insurance?

Don’t just set and forget your car insurance. You might want to review your policy details to ensure you’re covering the things you need.

You can update the following details at renewal online or in-app:

  • your listed drivers
  • the amount covered or change to market value cover
  • your kilometres per year
  • your excess
  • your optional covers
  • your address, and
  • driving habits, like time of day and frequency.

You can’t update the details on a policy if it’s past the renewal due date and it remains unpaid. You may be able to pay the renewal online depending on how long it’s been since it expired. It’s best to make any necessary updates prior to the expiry date.

Once your policy has renewed, you will be able to make changes to your insurance details during the policy term. Depending on those changes, you may need to pay an extra amount, or you might get a refund. They will be calculated from the date you make the change effective.

Is there a grace period if my policy has already expired?

If you pay your car insurance annually and you haven’t paid your renewal premium, the cover ends at the due date. If your policy has very recently expired, you may still have the option to renew it online, so be sure to double-check if you can still pay.

If you pay monthly we will let you know if you miss a payment. If you’ve missed your payment, we can cancel your policy by giving you at least 14 days advance notice, or without advance notice if your payments are one month (or more) overdue.

You can check your payments and renewal details online.

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Can I still drive if my car insurance expires today?

You can still drive your car after a car insurance policy expires or is cancelled. However, you won’t be insured if an event occurs and you need to make a claim. If the CTP Insurance (aka Green Slip Insurance) on your car, which in some States and Territories is included with the registration, has expired then you are legally unable to drive your vehicle until you have active cover again.

Can I set my policy to renew automatically?

If you’re a GIO customer and a renewal date is approaching, we’ll notify you at least 14 days ahead of time. This notification will include the cost and all available payment options including BPAY details.

If you pay monthly by instalments and are happy with renewing your policy, then the cover will continue as long as we have the correct payment details. You can update these details in the app or online by taking the following steps:

  1. Log in to GIO Online Services.
  2. Select “My policy list”.
  3. Select the policy in question.
  4. Choose “Update my policy”.
  5. Click “Change payment details”.

Here, you can see your current details and update them accordingly.

If you pay annually, consider if you want to set up a scheduled BPAY payment through your bank to renew the policy on a day you set to avoid the risk of the due date passing you by.

Are there consequences if my policy expired?

If your policy has expired, then your car will not be insured and won’t be covered if you need to make a claim.

Any discounts or rewards you have earned, such as GIO Claims Free Savings credits, will expire with the policy. You can learn more about GIO Claims Free Savings here. If your policy has only very recently expired, there is a chance that you may be able to pay to renew online and retain any discounts and rewards.

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