4 car maintenance tips that can save you in the long run

7 May 2020

There are plenty of ways you can look after your car when driving on Australian roads. You could even save yourself some extra money when it comes time for a full car service.

While each car is different and expert advice is always best, here are some things you can check to ensure your car is car is in tip-top shape for driving.

1. Keep your battery fully charged

Batteries can lose power when left unused over time. The easiest way to keep the battery in good shape is to turn on the engine and drive your car for at least 15 minutes if you can – such as a weekly trip to get essentials from the supermarket. Even a few trips around the block can help.

2. Check for fluid leaks

Have you ever noticed oil smeared across a car parking space? This usually comes from engine oil or another type of automotive fluid leaking from parked vehicles. By checking your car for leaks and spotting any issues early, you could avoid expensive repairs later, such as replacing the transmission.

If you do find a leak, take note of the fluids colour and its location. Is it black, reddish or brown? Is it leaking from the front or middle of the car? The colour can help you determine if it’s power steering fluid, auto transmission fluid, or something else. It could be helpful to take a picture of the leak and then show it to your local mechanic.

3. Correct tyre pressure

If you have a portable air compressor, it’s worth checking that your tyres are at the correct pressure when left off the road. This is because excessive weight from a stationary car can cause flat spots. Check your cars’ user manual to find the correct PSI for your tyres.

4. Secure it and cover it up

If you can, make sure your car is kept secure and away from the elements. For example, in a garage or carport is preferable to being parked on the street.

Before anything, ensure that you’ve removed any valuables from the car and anything that may appeal to prying eyes.

The importance of car insurance

Even if you’re only driving occasionally or for short distances, you don’t want to run into problems when you’re out on the road. You’ll want to know you’re covered in the event of an accident, so having the best insurance for your needs can help you get back on the road.

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