Are water leaks covered by home and contents insurance?

From appliances to plumbing, water flows through your home in many ways. If something’s leaking, it doesn’t matter how big a leak it is — dealing with it in real time can be stressful.
That’s why we’re here to help.

Does insurance cover water leaks?

‘GIO Home and Contents insurance will cover you for damage or loss caused by certain water leaks under Escape of Liquid’

For a full list of apparatus that are covered for the Escape of Liquid, see the GIO Home and Contents Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

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That said, it’s your responsibility to maintain the condition of these things. Remember: it’s up to you to maintain the condition of your appliances and plumbing.  We don't cover wear, tear and gradual deterioration or loss or damage as a result of a gradual process of liquid leaking, splashing, dripping or overflowing. Take a look at your policy’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) so you understand its terms and conditions. Consult your PDS so you’re aware of the terms and conditions that apply to your policy.

What to do if something’s leaking

If something’s leaking, there are a few simple steps that may help you to feel more in control of the situation:

  • Make sure everyone’s okay. Your safety, and the safety of others (including pets), is the most important thing.
  • Turn off the supply of water to your home to stem the flow.
  • Keep track of the damage caused. This might include keeping notes about the event details, like what happened and when, or taking photographs to visually record the damage. This documentation can assist with your insurance claim.
  • Let your insurer know.

How to make a claim

If you’re a GIO customer, lodging a claim is easy. You’ll need to have your policy number, the event details (including documentation) and the details of any damaged items handy. Once you’ve put these things together, you can lodge your claim using GIO Online Services or the GIO App. Alternatively, you can call us on 13 10 10.

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Emergency assistance

If you need emergency assistance call us on 13 14 46. Following a few standard privacy checks, a GIO claims consultant will:

  • guide you through the process of lodging a claim and what might happen next
  • assign an expert water builder to your claim if required
  • arrange temporary accommodation for you if you need it, and
  • confirm your excess.

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