How to get portable valuables insurance with GIO

If you own valuable items such as jewellery, watches, mobile phones or laptops, you may worry about what happens if they’re lost or damaged. Are they covered by your Home and Contents Insurance policy? Is the full replacement cost covered? Are they just covered while at home, or also when you’re out and about?

The best way to answer these questions is to check your current Contents Insurance policy. If you don’t have one, or if you do but it doesn’t cover everything you’d like, maybe GIO can help with cover for portable valuables.

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And if you’d like to know more about other optional covers and how they can help you take care of your home and contents, we can help with that too.

What is cover for portable valuables?

Cover for portable valuables can help to repair or replace items that are normally carried with you while you’re away from home. For example, it can act as a form of jewellery insurance, or mobile phone insurance, if loss or damage occurs anywhere within Australia or New Zealand. So whether you’re relaxing at home and your cat knocks your smartphone to the floor, or you’re at the beach and it gets a little more wet than a phone can handle, you’ll be covered.

Items that can be listed under portable valuables cover can be either unspecified or specified. These can include:

  • jewellery, watches, handbags and wallets
  • mobile phones, laptops and electronic tablets
  • portable electronic and electrical items, and their accessories
  • sporting, recreational and leisure goods and equipment, but not while they’re being used (However, we will cover bicycles whilst in use providing they’re not being used for racing or pace-making)
  • photographic and optical equipment, and
  • motorised golf carts with four wheels, mobility scooters or similar medical aids designed to assist with physical disabilities.

Unspecified items

These don’t need to be mentioned on your certificate of insurance and will be covered up to a set limit.

Specified items

These are items which you’d like to be covered for a specific amount. The item, along with the sum for which it’s insured, must be shown on your certificate of insurance. So make sure you let us know if you need an item like this covered, or you may find yourself underinsured if something happens.

There’s no set limit for specified items. Each item will have its own sum insured, agreed upon by you and GIO and listed on your certificate of insurance.

What’s not covered?

There are a few things that aren’t covered by portable valuables cover. This includes:

  • sporting, recreational and leisure goods and equipment that are lost or damaged while in use (we will cover bicycles lost or damaged while in use, but not if they were being used for racing or pace-making)
  • restoration of your electronic records
  • any contents on exhibit or up for sale, and
  • contents being packed, carried or transported from your current address to a new address on a permanent basis.

We also won’t cover portable valuables that are used for any business activity. If you need to cover such items, it may be worth considering GIO Small Business Insurance.

Which policies are eligible?

GIO Home and Contents Insurance, and GIO Contents Insurance, are both available in three levels of cover: Classic, Classic Extras and Platinum. Portable valuables cover is available as an optional cover with Classic and Classic Extras levels of cover, but Platinum policies automatically include cover for your contents while they’re away from home.


Classic Extras


Unspecified items

Cover includes up to $1,000 per item, set or collection, up to your total sum insured.

Automatically includes $4,000 worth of cover. That limit can be raised for an additional premium.

Platinum cover automatically includes cover for your contents while they’re away from home.

Specified items

Items are covered up their sum insured.

Items are covered up their sum insured.

Platinum cover automatically includes cover for your contents while they’re away from home.

Claiming for portable valuables

If you ever have to make a claim for portable valuables, providing as much information about them as possible can really come in handy.

The Suncorp App – which GIO customers can use to make and track claims, since GIO is part of the Suncorp Network – includes a Digital Safe. This allows you to store things like receipts and photos within the app, making it easy to include details about your valuable items if you ever need to claim.

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