What you need to know about managing your car insurance policy online

Having a car insurance policy is important, but managing it – well, that can be a bit tedious. Rather than waiting on the phone to complete simple tasks, why not streamline your admin by managing your policy online? You can set up your insurance policy, claim, renew and update your details. Managing all aspects of your car insurance policy has never been easier. 

Getting started –

Registering for Online Services 

Before you can take everything online, you’ll need to register for an Online Services account and add your Comprehensive or Third Party Insurance policy, if you haven’t already. Make sure you have your policy number handy and that details like your address and email are the same as they appear on your policy. Don’t stress if you don’t know your policy number, we can find it for you.

Register for GIO Online Services

Adding your policy

After you’ve registered, add your policy by selecting ‘Link another policy’ at the top of the homescreen and type in your policy details.

Giving your policy a ‘health check’ at renewal time

Renewing your policy online can help make the process quicker and more convenient. While you’re renewing in Online Services, consider conducting a policy ‘health check’ to see how you could potentially save on your premium for the year ahead. This could involve changing your excess, or reducing the kilometres listed on your policy if you’re driving less.

Simply go to Online Services and follow the prompts to renew your policy. If you’d like to adjust your excess and other details on your policy, you can do so on the confirmation screen when you renew. You should then see your new premium on the payments details page. You can add optional covers to your policy online too.

Making a car insurance claim online

Many people think of their insurance company as one of the people to call after an accident. Well, rather than waiting on the phone during what is sure to be a stressful time, you can make your claim through Online Services instead. Just log in, select your car insurance policy, and click ‘make a claim’ to begin.

After you’ve submitted your claim online, we’ll give you a claim number and will be in touch shortly. In the meantime, you’ll be able to track the progress of your claim online.  

Updating your car insurance policy details

Bought a new car and need to update your registration? Have the kids got their P plates and started using your car? Have you paid off your car finance? You can easily make changes like these to your policy online. It’s important to note that changing your vehicle type and adding drivers may affect your premium; If it does, you’ll see your updated premium on the screen once you’ve confirmed the changes.

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