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What makes up my premium?

Insurance premiums are influenced by a range of factors such as claims costs, government taxes & charges, reinsurance, profit and expenses. We calculate your premium using information like your areas level of risk of natural hazards and thefts, the construction type of your home, your insurance history and more.

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How much is your home and contents worth?

Not sure how much to insure home and contents for? Estimate the cost of replacing them, so you can nominate a sum insured amount you’re comfortable with.

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We understand that sometimes our customers need extra care and support at different points in their lives. We also know that everyone’s situation and needs will be different. We are committed to looking after your needs with sensitivity, dignity, respect and compassion. Find out more

Important information

*If you’re eligible for more than one discount, we apply them in a pre-set order to the discounted premium, before government taxes and charges.
^Discount not applicable to GIO Roadside Assist, GIO Home Assist, Excess-free Glass or Domestic Workers Compensation optional covers.