10% multi-policy discount terms & conditions

Combine any 3 or more eligible policies with GIO and we’ll give you a 10% multi-policy discount. Eligible policies are GIO Home, Contents, Landlord, Car, Motorcycle, Caravan (including trailer) and Boat. A GIO NSW CTP Insurance policy or GIO ACT MAI Insurance policy will count as an eligible policy, but the premium for these policies cannot be discounted.

1. To qualify for the 10% multi-policy discount (the MPD) you must have 3 or more eligible paid personal insurance policies with AAI Limited trading as GIO. There must be a common mailing address and the person(s) seeking the discount must be nominated as an insured with the same name and date of birth on each eligible policy.

2. The eligible policies to qualify for the MPD are GIO Home, Contents, Landlord, Car, Motorcycle, Caravan (including trailer), and Boat.

3. GIO NSW CTP or GIO ACT MAI Insurance count as eligible policies, but you will not receive the MPD on the CTP or MAI Insurance premium as these cannot be discounted due to regulatory requirements. Discounts not applicable to Roadside Assist, GIO Home Assist, Excess-free Glass or Domestic Workers Compensation optional cover(s).

4. Subject to the exception in 5, if you take out a new policy which means you then qualify for the MPD, the MPD will apply to that policy immediately but on your other existing eligible policies, the MPD applies from the next renewal date after you qualify, provided you still qualify.

5. Notwithstanding 4, if you become eligible for the MPD around the time your other policies are due for renewal, the MPD may not have been applied to the renewing policies. Please contact us if you believe you are eligible for the MPD but it is not shown on your certificate of insurance.

6. The discount is generally applied to the premium before we add taxes and charges. If you are eligible for other discounts (in addition to the multi-policy discount), then generally we apply each additional discount to the already discounted premium. For some of our products a minimum premium applies and the multi-policy discount will not reduce the minimum premium.

GIO reserves the right to vary or discontinue our MPD at any time and without notice.