Why it’s important to have roadside assistance

01 May 2023

Why is it that you never get a flat tyre or a flat battery, lock your keys inside your vehicle, or run out of fuel on a day when the sun is shining, you’re not in a hurry, and when you’re close to home? Murphy’s Law dictates it happens at the worst possible time: When it’s pouring with rain, on a pitch-black night, in the middle of nowhere.

Get to know why it’s important to have roadside assistance for times such as these (and for other times you need a little help).

Roadside assist can help you get out of a spot of bother

Knowing you have roadside assist doesn’t help prevent those annoying out-of-the-blue car troubles, but you'll know that help is just a phone call away. With GIO Roadside Assist you’ll be eligible for the following:

  • 24/7 help with your car, regardless of who’s driving it.
  • Tyre changes and help with tyre replacements.
  • Help with arranging a replacement battery.
  • Emergency towing to the nearest accredited repairer, up to 20 km from the breakdown location (or 100km if no accredited repairer within 20km).
  • Help with lost or locked-in keys – we’ll contribute up to $250 to help arrange for the spare keys to be delivered or arrange to gain access to your car.

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Please note, there is no cover for GIO Roadside Assist during the first 24 hours of adding the cover.

How planning for failure can help you succeed

Purchasing emergency roadside assistance after you’ve run into trouble can be both time consuming and costly. It may not even be an option. Some roadside assistance providers have waiting periods, others charge joining fees or require you to purchase an additional year of cover before they’ll provide any sort of roadside service. It pays to plan ahead and organise your roadside assist cover before you get into trouble, as this can ensure you’re covered in your hour of need. Because, being stuck in pouring rain in the middle of nowhere is precisely when you want to know you’re covered – not just think you are.  

Add GIO Roadside Assist to your GIO Platinum or Comprehensive Car Insurance for less than $95 per year, with no joining fee, and you’ll get 24-hour roadside assistance Australia-wide. Know that help is just a phone call away with GIO. Speak to one of our knowledgeable insurance specialists today on 13 10 10 and join over 50,000 Australians who have Roadside Assist with GIO.


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GIO Roadside Assist is an optional extra only available in conjunction with GIO Platinum or Comprehensive car insurance. Terms and conditions for coverage apply.