A Primary Treating Medical Practitioner (PTMP) is the medical practitioner chosen by the worker to participate in the injury management process. A worker has the right to select their own PTMP; it is usually the worker’s own GP/doctor. The role of the Primary Treating Medical Practitioner varies by state but in general they:

  • provide primary medical care to the injured worker
  • diagnose the nature of the injury or illness
  • refer the injured worker to specialist care, or provide the injury management co-ordinator with information for them to co-ordinate care
  • provide workers compensation medical certificates
  • inform the employer about any specific work restrictions
  • monitor, review and advise on the worker’s condition, progress, work capacity and treatment
  • take part in developing return to work plans and injury management plans.

Workers have an obligation to notify their employers if they change their Primary Treating Medical Practitioner.