Our Home and Contents Insurance policies only apply to completed buildings that are being lived in, so we do not cover new buildings during construction. If you are renovating your home or unit, we will not cover any damage or loss that is caused by, arises from or involves those building extensions, alterations or renovations. In particular, we don’t cover:

  • damage caused by cracking, collapse, subsidence or damage to your home and contents caused fully or partially by the building work;
  • damage caused by a storm, flood or water entering your home or unit through openings in the walls, roof or other unfinished parts of your home or unit, whether or not they are temporarily covered at the time of the damage;
  • damage caused by storm or flood to any part that is not fully built;
  • theft or damage by someone who enters or leaves through an unlockable part of your home or unit;
  • and malicious damage or vandalism to unfinished parts of your home.

We also don’t cover legal liability caused by or resulting from building, alteration, extension or renovation work, if the total cost of the work is more than $50,000.

Please contact us if you’re commencing building works or renovations at your home, including demolition.