An excess is the amount you must pay for each incident when you make a claim. A standard excess applies to all claims unless stated otherwise in the PDS.

Depending on your level of cover, you can increase your excess by choosing a voluntary excess (from the range we offer, between $200 and $2,000) to reduce your premium. A voluntary excess applies to all claims in addition to your standard excess In the event of a claim, your standard excess remains the same and the voluntary excess represents an additional payment. 

The option of paying a voluntary excess only applies to the following products:

• Car insurance (Platinum and Comprehensive only)

• Caravan insurance

• Motorcycle insurance 

• Boat insurance (Comprehensive only)

• Business insurance

If you have a Home, Landlord or Strata Insurance, you also have the option of increasing your standard excess

For further information please check your PDS or contact us.