GIO does not offer cover notes (a form of temporary insurance covering the period between signing up for a policy and making the first premium payment).

After you begin a policy you can contact us to return the policy within 21 days from the start date of your policy. This is called the cooling off period. As long as you have not made a claim during this period, we will refund in full the money you paid for your policy (including GST if applicable), but you will not have any cover under the policy.

Alternatively, you can cancel your policy at any time while you are insured. When you do this, unless we tell you otherwise, you will have cover up until the date and time of cancellation.

If you do cancel, you may qualify for a refund of the unexpired portion of the premium less any non-refundable government charges. Minimum refunds apply.

For more information see ‘What happens with cancellations’ in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)