Scam phone calls

Scammers often use phone calls to directly contact people they intend to defraud. A scammer may either personally impersonate someone from an organisation, or use an automated service as part of their scam. By confusing or intimidating you, scammers hope you reveal personal information they can use maliciously.

Things to look out for

Finding warning signs straight off the bat can make identifying phone scams much easier.

Providing personal information over the phone

It’s possible that a legitimate service consultant from your insurer will call you about your policy. This may require us to ask you personal questions to verify we’re talking to the right person.

It’s completely understandable if you don’t feel comfortable exchanging personal information over the phone. Just ask for a reference number and let your service consultant know you’ll return the call using a trusted phone number.

You can use the phone numbers listed below to get in touch with your insurer.

Remember, in order to ensure you’re speaking to a legitimate service consultant, only use these numbers – not one that the caller provides.