If you have missed a monthly instalment, you can easily make a once off payment via GIO Online Services account.

To make a once off payment, follow the below steps:

  • Select the relevant policy from your policy list
  • On the policy overview, select “View Policy”
  • If you’re eligible to make a manual payment, click the “Pay now” button which will appear at the top of the Policy Summary screen. If you’re not able to make a manual payment the box will not appear.
  • payment could take up to 5 days to process

You will be able check and update your direct debit or card details with us following your successful payment. You can also update your payment details when you log into GIO Online Services at any time, accessible via the Policy Summary screen.

It’s important to know if a monthly instalment is overdue by 14 days or more, we can refuse to pay your claim. If a monthly instalment is overdue by a month, we can cancel your policy.

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