GIO Treasury Managed Fund

GIO's success in providing general insurance is evident in our close involvement with the TMF and SICorp which spans over two decades.


The GIO Client Management Services team provides broad and effective Claim solutions on behalf of the New South Wales Self Insurance Corporation (SICorp) for all Treasury Managed Fund (TMF) Agencies.

Our Commitment

At GIO, we are committed to delivering the most effective Claims Management support to TMF Agencies that is available. Our aim is to make things right again for all TMF Agencies when the unexpected happens.

We strive to deliver effective claims management solutions for all TMF Agencies (in accordance with the model litigant policy) by managing claims promptly, fairly and in a timely manner. This means:

  • Promptly resolving and paying claims where legal liability is clear
  • Fairly and accurately assessing loss
  • Minimising claims costs
  • Participating in dispute resolution processes where required
  • Identifying and mitigating risk exposures.

About TMF

The TMF operates like self-insurance, covering claims for member Agencies for loss, damage or injury.

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Client Services

We support TMF Agencies by being the central point of contact for policy management and overall claims performance including risk management. 

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News and Legislative Updates

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