GIO IVA consultant emoji

Meet George – the GIO Intelligent Virtual Assistant

GIO IVA chat windows

George, our Intelligent Virtual Assistant – or IVA – is here to help.
He can:

  • Answer questions about payments, renewals, excesses, and updating your policy details via GIO Online Services;
  • Direct you straight to the most relevant page on our website for your query; and
  • George learns with every interaction. So, if he can’t directly or completely answer your question yet, he may be able to do it soon.

George can’t:

  • Offer financial advice. He’s designed to point you in the right direction and offer relevant factual information.
  • Answer insurance product related questions. Instead, he will point you towards the most reliable source of information, such as the relevant product page or policy documents such as the Product Disclosure Statement.
  • Give you a quote. But, he can show you where to get one.
  • IVA  chat function when user clicks on chat icon shows "got a question? Ask me"
Two small windows asking feedback after IVA chat

You can shape his design

When George the IVA asks, ‘Was this answer helpful?’ you can help us recognise which questions you want him to understand by filling out a two-question survey. Let us know what you liked, loved, or didn’t find useful, and we’ll use this information to create the most helpful Virtual Assistant possible.

What the future holds

We’re monitoring George’s performance as he responds to each query he receives. This data will be used to improve the depth, breadth and overall quality of replies, as well as prioritise which insurance-related topics he’ll be trained on next.

IVA  chat function to search