3 easy ways to optimise your home office

With new social isolation measures in place, workplaces are considering how to adapt and overcome the challenges of working remotely. Here's what to consider when transforming your home into a workspace, so you can feel more comfortable and productive. 

1. Workspace location

The type of work you do may dictate what sort of space you need. However, try to carefully consider the type, size and location of your workspace in relation to the rest of your home.

To find your best workspace location in your home:

  • Choose a separate room for your dedicated workspace, if you can. That way you can close the door to keep business in and distractions out.
  • Pick a room away from any noisy environments, such as a laundry, lounge room or kitchen.
  • Consider your options and how the size of your space can be used to incorporate a desk, some simple office equipment and enough room for you to work effectively.

2. Lighting

Good lighting is essential for both your eyesight, and for creating a refreshing and vibrant home office space. It’s important to consider the natural light you’ll receive in your workplace and then plan according to different times of the day.

Once you’ve determined how much natural light you’ll get, a few simple details, such as changing the type of light bulb to a warm fluorescent, can help keep your eyes from straining too much while making your inner body clock more comfortable.

3. Greenery

Bring a touch of the outside world inside with indoor plants and make your space more relaxed and comfortable. A study by Sydney’s University of Technology1, found significant reductions in stress among workers when plants were introduced to the workplace. So, whether it’s a fresh bunch of flowers, a small pot plant or a grandiose indoor fern, we could all use a bit of greenery in our home office.

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1 Study by the University of Technology

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