Wages means the aggregate and gross amount of Wages, salary, or other remuneration to be paid to your Workers.

Normal Weekly Earnings includes gross remuneration for the worker’s normal weekly number of hours of work calculated at his or her ordinary time rate of pay and can include non-cash benefits such as free accommodation, meals and provision of services such as telephone and electricity. Wages includes every payment made to or for the Worker for the Worker’s services without deduction of income tax, including weekly earnings payable under an industrial award or agreement.

A worker’s remuneration includes an over-award payment, climate allowance, district allowance, leading hand allowance, qualification allowance, and shift allowance (where shift work is worked in accordance with a regular and established pattern). It also includes overtime (where overtime is worked in accordance with a regular and established pattern), bonuses, commissions, incentive payments, fees, benefits (including non cash benefits), piece work rates, quantity rates, rate per day (or for any other time period), lump sums, and any other kind of payment (including a non cash payment) for the Worker’s services.

Wages does not include superannuation, termination payments, retirement pay, pay in lieu of notice on termination, pensions, or weekly payments of workers compensation.