The legal liability cover included with GIO Home and Contents Insurance does not extend to liability connected with business activities, such as leasing out rooms through short term rental services like Airbnb. So, for incidents related to that activity — eg, an Airbnb guest injuring themselves while staying at your property — your liability is not covered.
Your legal liability for other incidents is still covered, as long as they’re not connected to you leasing out your room. That is, injury or property damage that may occur to non-paying visitors and guests is still covered — even if it occurs in the room you’re leasing out, but is not related to that activity. For example, if a non-paying visitor happens to injure themselves in the room you usually lease out, your liability would be covered.

Insured events that are not caused by this business activity or a paying guest would still be covered. All other business activity limits & exclusions also apply when using your property for short term rentals.

For more information, please refer to the Home and Contents Insurance PDS.