Assuming that items are damaged in an insured event and they’re included in your coverage, those items may be repaired or replaced.

We will replace your items via our supplier, based on what is currently available in the market, provided we have the necessary evidence to confirm the damage or loss. We’ll replace the item with one of the same type, standard and specification, but not necessarily the same brand or model.

We may request a repair report to confirm whether the item can be repaired. If it can, and doing so will restore you to the same condition you were in before the insured event, we may proceed with this option. If repair is not suitable and we decide to replace the item, we’ll organise this with our supplier. In this scenario, you have the option to upgrade the item if you’re willing the pay the difference between the old and new ones, or change the item if it’s within our liability cost.

If we’re unable to replace your item, we will request a quote from you for one that’s similar to what you previously had, or settle based on the limit on your policy.