We believe that a funeral insurance provider should give you the choice of flexible cover you need at a reasonable price, which is exactly what we aim to provide GIO customers. You’re looking for a plan that is going to take care of your family from an insurer you can trust, which is what we pride ourselves on being.

Benefits we offer include:

  • Flexible premium options – Choose how you’d like to pay your premiums so it best suits you. You can pay fortnightly, monthly or yearly, and choose between stepped and level premiums (read on to find out more about these options)
  • Value Promise – Never worry about paying more in premiums than your loved ones will receive at claim time. If you take out a GIO policy, we promise to either pay the sum insured, or the amount paid in premiums – whichever is greatest
  • Early payment benefit – If you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness after the first 12 months of your policy, we are able to pay you the insured sum early, allowing you to enjoy your time with your family
  • Quick access to money – Funeral benefit payments are usually made within 24 hours

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