Treasury Managed Fund
Property Claims

As a Claims Manager for SICorp, GIO manages Property claims for TMF Agencies.

What is Covered

TMF covers an Agency for loss and/or damage to property it owns or has an interest in.

Agencies wishing to know more about Property cover should refer to the TMF Statement of Cover or can contact our GIO Client Services Team on 1800 411 082.

Making a Claim

GIO recognises that property loss or damage can cause major disruption to TMF Agencies, the process of making a claim is a priority. To provide an easy guide for this process please click on the below diagram for information about how to make a claim.

Please note: when a TMF claim is litigated the legal service provider is allocated from the TMF Legal Services Panel. It is also recognised that once a claim is lodged GIO acts in partnership with the TMF Agency until conclusion of the matter.

So that the claim can be notified successfully, we need the Agency to collect and provide the following information:

  • A completed Agency Claim Form. For assistance with completing the claim form, please contact your GIO Client Services Manager.
  • Supporting documentation including the details of and proof of loss such as quotes, replacement invoices and Internal incident or investigation reports (if available).