Treasury Managed Fund
Client Services

Our Client Services Managers and Client Services Officers work closely with our team of Operational Risk Management Advisors to ensure a consistent focus on partnering with our Agencies to mitigate their exposure and reduce liabilities.

A few key ways in which GIO assist TMF Agencies to manage claims and improve claims performance include:

  • Policy Management – setting up new policies, maintaining existing, renewing and exiting policies.

    This includes inducting new TMF Agencies to the TMF, providing certificates of cover (as required), managing declarations and contributions, as well as developing and administering TMF Agency Business Profiles.

  • Policy Enquiries

    This includes responding to TMF Agency enquires about the cover provided by the TMF Statement of Cover.

  • Agency Performance – data analysis and reporting, meetings, business improvement.

    This includes regular reporting and trend analysis, general advice, training and various risk reduction focused projects.

If you would like to know more about what services and support is available to the Agencies please contact your Client Services Team on 1800 411 082.