1. With platinum home insurance we cover the cost of a security guard to respond if a monitored alarm is activated due to an attempted break in.
  2. Up to $1,000 to cover your possessions when you’re away from home if you select Classic Extras cover.
  3. If your car is damaged you can choose your own repairer to fix it.
  4. Visitors are covered for up to $500 for loss or damage to their contents in your home for up to 30 consecutive days.
  5. If your home is damaged and you cannot live there due to an insured event, temporary accommodation for up to 100 weeks is available with platinum home insurance.
  6. Add your most valuable items to your home and contents insurance cover.
  7. New for old replacement of your contents, regardless of their age.
  8. Accidental loss and damage for items in your home is available as an optional cover. 
  9. Up to an additional 30% on the sum insured should the cost to repair or rebuild your house exceeds the sum insured with platinum home insurance.
  10. Cover the cost of a taxi to and from an approved repairer.
  11. Up to $500 to replace important documents if they’re lost or stolen.
  12. Up to $2,000 cover to replace trees, shrubs or garden beds damaged as a result of an insured event with platinum home insurance.
  13. Up to $5,000 cover to install environmental improvements with platinum home insurance if your home has been damaged by an insured event.
  14. Up to $500 to replace personal property if your car’s stolen or in an accident if you choose comprehensive car insurance.
  15. 3 levels of cover to suit your needs – Classic, Classic Extra and Platinum.
  16. Lifetime new car replacement when your car is written off with platinum car insurance if you are the first registered owner of the car and the car has been continuously insured under GIO Platinum cover within 13 months from purchase of the car.
  17. Lifetime guarantee on home repairs we arrange and authorise.
  18. Cover for loss or damage caused by liquid leaking, overflowing or bursting from a water main or fire hydrant.
  19. Up to $500 to replace food in your fridge if the power goes out.
  20. Cover for loss or damage caused by an animal not owned by you.
  21. We’ll replace up to 2kms of fencing as the result of an insured event.
  22. Up to $20,000 coverage for home office equipment used for a business activity with platinum home insurance.
  23. Up to $5,000 for identity theft with platinum home insurance.
  24. Landlord insurance - Rental income protection if your tenant defaults on their rent.
  25. Up to $500 in emergency travel and accommodation costs if your car is stolen or damaged more than 100km from home. 
  26. Up to $1,000 to replace stolen car keys.
  27. Contents covered whilst moving house to a new address in Australia.
  28. New car replacement if your new car is written off in the first 2 years with comprehensive car insurance if you are the first registered owner of the car.
  29. Lodge and track your claim online, with timely and detailed information on where the claim is up to.
  30. Unlimited day’s car hire for a similar make and model as your car whilst yours is being repaired or replaced with platinum car insurance.
  31. An option that covers 1 windscreen repair with no excess.
  32. Optional 24/7 Roadside Assist keeps you on the road with emergency towing and restarting your battery.
  33.  Up to 10% discount when you buy GIO car insurance online.
  34. Claims-free savings every year you renew and don’t make a claim. Up to 20%.
  35. Liability cover up to $20M for damage to other people’s property.
  36. Up to $2,000 in vet bills if you select this optional cover. Additional premiums apply.
  37. 7-day repair guarantee for comprehensively insured cars that are driven to our assessment centres after an accident.
  38. Two wheel trailer cover up to $1,000 when it is attached to your comprehensively insured car if in an accident, lost or stolen.
  39. House locks replaced up to the value of $500 if your house keys are stolen.
  40. Towing and storage costs after your car is not safe to drive as a result of damage in an accident.

Limits, exclusions and additional premiums may apply. Before buying insurance issued by AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 trading as GIO read the PDS and consider whether it is right for you. Call us for a copy.