Pay by the Month for Personal Insurance

Smooth out your cash flow with GIO Pay by the Month by paying your insurance over 12 months, direct through your bank, building society or credit union account, or by credit card.

Instead of budgeting separately for your insurance, we can provide you with a simple monthly payment plan. Of course, you can still pay your premiums annually if you prefer. It costs more to pay monthly.

Call us on 13 10 10 to switch to Pay by the Month.

You need to know...


Available for
  • Home & Contents Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Caravan and Trailer Insurance

Not available for:

  • CTP Green Slip NSW
  • Workers Compensation
How to apply Call us on 13 10 10 anytime and provide your account details.

Please note: The policy holder must be an authorised signatory on the nominated account.

When you have an existing direct debit request or credit card authority for any GIO home, contents, motor vehicle, boat or caravan insurance you can simply add more policies.
How monthly payments work

For new customers, insurance cover will commence on and from the effective date shown on your Certificate of Insurance. The first deduction will draw from your nominated account or credit card on the effective date and then monthly thereafter on the same date.

For customers who are renewing their insurance policy, cover will commence on and from the effective date and time shown on your Certificate of Insurance. Monthly instalments will automatically continue to be deducted on the date shown on your Insurance Account.

Costs Annual and monthly premiums will be detailed on your online quote. It costs more to pay by the month.
Annual renewal process

You will be sent a renewal notice prior to the expiry of your policy. On receipt of the renewal notice, simply check that the details are correct. Monthly instalments will continue to be debited from your account or charged to your credit card. If you wish to vary your pay by the month arrangements please call us on 13 10 10 or write to:

GIO Personal Insurance
Reply Paid 9835
In your capital city

Important Information
  • Overdue Payments

    Your financial institution may charge a fee if there is not enough money in your account when the monthly payment is due. An overdue payment on one policy may impact the deductions of payments on other policies linked to the same bank account. If an instalment of the premium remains unpaid for a period of at least one month we may cancel the policy from that date. If an instalment of the premium remains unpaid for a period of at least 14 days GIO may refuse to pay a claim.

  • Total Loss

    If we decide repairs are not economical for your car or boat, or we pay out a claim for the full sum insured on your home, we will deduct the remaining instalments due for the full period of insurance from the amount we pay for the claim and your cover then stops.

  • Change of account details or credit card

    If your bank account details change you will need to contact us at least 10 business days before your next instalment.

  • Changes to terms and conditions

    We will provide you with 10 days notice if we change any of the terms of the direct debit.